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Battery life for days.

Introducing FitPro™ Smartwatch: Days-long battery. 24/7 health insights. Elevate life with precision. No gimmicks. Achieve fitness goals faster. Optimize workouts, sleep, routines. Embrace enduring power, redefine well-being.

Up to 24 hours of normal use

Up to 72 hours on low power settings

Powerful life features

Heart Insights

Monitor heart health with the FitPro™ Smartwatch. Track rate, heartbaet analyze, get real-time alerts for well-being.

Lightning Connectivity

Stay instantly connected. Get messages, calls, alerts on FitPro™ Smartwatch.

Fitness Unleashed

Optimize routines with activity tracking. Achieve goals faster with FitPro™.

Enduring Battery

Seamless wellness, precision tracking with FitPro™ Smartwatch's lasting battery. Live without compromise.