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FitPro™ She-Fit 3 Smartwatch

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“Timeless gem for fashion-conscious and sporty women with numerous smart functions!”

The next generation She-Fit is here: meet the FitPro™ She-Fit 3 Smartwatch with even more smart functions and possibilities for personalization. This gem is for the real sporty fashionistas. This smartwatch is as elegant as it is sophisticated. The watch catches the eye for all good reasons: both the design and the technology make this smartwatch the most complete wearable for women!

Thanks to the FitPro™ She-Fit 3 Smartwatch, your watch really becomes an extension of your personality. Choose from numerous watch faces to tailor the display to your personal taste, hobbies or occasion.

24-hour heart rate measurement, blood pressure and oxygen measurement
In addition to the standard functions such as number of steps, distance traveled and calories burned, this smartwatch is equipped with 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood pressure measurement and oxygen content measurement. But the FitPro™ She-Fit 3 Smartwatch also watches over your well-being at night. Thanks to the sleep monitor, you gain insight into your sleeping habits and the quality of your sleep. And because this smartwatch has been specially developed for women, it also has a physiological cycle reminder.

But there's more: this smartwatch has a breathing training mode to practice and improve your breathing.

Multi-sport mode
The FitPro™ She-Fit 3 Smartwatch hides a real fitness tracker with an extra powerful processor and renewed algorithms under its classic design. Choose from various sports such as walking, running, aerobics, yoga, badminton, spinning, and so much more. View the data directly on the display or go into the Qwatch app for a more in-depth analysis.

Entertainment: Control music player and remote photos
Music is omnipresent in our lives. Wherever you are, with the FitPro™ She-Fit 3 Smartwatch you can control your playlist on your phone via your watch. And taking a selfie has never been easier: with a simple press on your smartwatch, you can take snapshots from your mobile phone.

Incoming calls, apps and social media
This eye-catching wearable is primarily there to make your life easier: simply sync with your smartphone and never miss an incoming call, app or notification from your favorite social media. Do you want to disconnect? No problem, just switch on the do not disturb mode and enjoy a moment of well-deserved rest.

IP68 waterproof
Even on the drizzly days, you don't have to sacrifice style: the FitPro™ She-Fit 3 Smartwatch is IP68 waterproof and splash and dust resistant. (Caution: Avoid contact with hot or warm water to prevent vapor build-up behind the screen).

Material: Alloy
Strap: Stainless Steel
Water resistant: IP68 waterproof
Languages: Supported include Dutch, German and English
Screen: 1.45 inch full touchscreen
Watch case: 41.5 x 25.5 x 10 mm
Battery: 150 mHa
Battery life: 3 – 5 days / standby 10 days
Bluetooth: 5.0
Compatible with Android 5.0 / iOS 10.0 and above