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FitPro™ Luxe Smartwatch

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“Irresistible charm on your wrist.”

The FitPro™ Luxe Smartwatch heralds a new era in smartwatches. Simple, yet so stylish – the charm of this clock is simply irresistible. The calf leather strap is handmade, elegant, soft and comfortable to wear. With this luxury smartwatch you have a reliable mentor who closely monitors your daily activities, health, lifestyle, intensive sports and even sleep. In addition, this innovative smartwatch is an assistant you can rely on to never miss an incoming call or notification.

This versatile smartwatch is IP67 water resistant, making it suitable for all weather conditions. The watch is equipped with different training modes, an ultra-powerful battery that lasts 10 days in standby and all kinds of overviews to help improve your performance and health. You don't necessarily need a phone to consult your data – thanks to the large and clear screen you have everything at hand at a glance. Adjust the FitPro™ Luxe Smartwatch to your mood and choose from different displays and stylish bracelets.

Taking pictures remotely
Capture all your beautiful moments in an instant: switch on the camera of your mobile phone and take a photo remotely with your watch. The FitPro™ Luxe Smartwatch takes selfies to the next level.

Extensive and innovative functions and modes
This intelligent and stylish clock accurately monitors and analyzes your parameters, heart rate and calorie consumption during exercise. Thanks to the built-in pedometer, you can accurately keep track of how much you exercise daily and how many calories you burn. This sophisticated clock monitors your health 24 on 24. Analysis of the blood circulation under the skin via the green light LED sensor. The heart rate is displayed in real time using the photoelectric volume pulse tracking method. As if all that wasn't enough, this watch measures your blood pressure and warns you when you have an abnormal heart rate. The parameters and your performance are easily and clearly visible on the watch or in the application.

Innovative Sleep Monitor
Even at night, you won't let this handsome partner rest on your bedside table, because he is there for you even during your sleep. Good health starts with a good night's sleep. It is sometimes said that quality sleep is at least as important as a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. That's why this smartwatch is equipped with an innovative sleep monitor that monitors your sleep quality in real-time. Monitor your deep and light sleep time, analyze your sleep quality and improve your sleeping habits. Vibrating the smartwatch wakes you up in the morning and welcomes you to another great day.

Reminders, alarm and sedentary notification
With this luxury smartwatch it is also possible to set personalized reminders and alarms. That way you never lose another appointment. In addition, everyone knows that a sedentary lifestyle is not good for us. Thanks to the sedentary alarm, you will be warned when you sit still for too long.

Real-time notifications, apps and calls
Synchronizing a smartwatch has never been easy. The FitPro™ Luxe Smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS. This way you never have to miss an app, text message or social media notification. The messages are also displayed legibly on the 1.22 inch HD touchscreen display, for more user-friendliness, comfort and visibility. Of course, incoming calls are not only displayed on the screen, but you are also warned by a vibrating signal. A new gadget is that you can now also reject unwanted calls via your watch by holding down your screen. So you can do it without using your phone. Never be distracted by disturbing calls again!

Exclusive feature for women
Monitor your health closely and in detail, depending on the stage of life you are in. Download an application developed exclusively for women, with exclusively feminine functions and options: menstruation, pregnancy preparation, pregnancy and mother.

Material: Alloy Steel
Strap: quality steel
Water resistant: For everyday use
Screen: 1.22 inch HD touchscreen
Battery: 180mAh
Battery life: 10 days standby (2 - 3 days with heavy use)
Suitable for: Android and Apple iOS
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0