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FitPro™ She-Fit Smartwatch

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“The wearable for the fashion-conscious and sporty woman!”

Beautiful, stylish and intelligent options. The FitPro™ She-Fit Smartwatch has it all. Our contemporary smartwatches are unisex and the versatile features make them all perfectly suited for women. But there are some things that women really find important when choosing an intelligent watch: a narrow strap and fashionable design. Thanks to the thin strap and the beautiful, perfectly round 1.09 inch HD screen, the Valante Fem-Fit Smartwatch is ideal for contemporary women for whom health is a top priority!

The hybrid FitPro™ She-Fit Smartwatch is a full-fledged fitness tracker and state-of-the-art smartwatch in disguise. Behind the stylish analog look is state-of-the-art technology to monitor and improve your health and fitness. With this fashionable smartwatch you can switch from business to sport in one movement. Thanks to the different watch faces, you can go straight from work to the gym without having to change your watch!

Real-time heart rate, calories and sports mode
Behind its analog and classic design, the Valante Fem-Fit Smartwatch houses a complete and accurate fitness tracker with an optical heart rate sensor. This elegant clock monitors 24 hours on 24 parameters such as heart rate, number of steps and calories burned. An alarm to warn you if you have been sitting still for too long is also standard. Shifting up a gear while exercising? Thanks to the special sport/motion mode, you can also monitor your fitness in real-time! Keep a close eye on your sports performance and health parameters, make responsible lifestyle changes based on reliable data and improve your general well-being.

Incoming calls, apps and notifications from social media
This smartwatch is easy to sync with your smartphone and compatible with Android 4.4. and iOS 8.0. or higher. Incoming calls are displayed on the screen, while a vibrating signal alerts you to your calling girlfriend or partner. That way, you'll never miss a call while exercising! In addition, apps and notifications from your favorite social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, etc.) also appear on the crystal-clear screen of your watch.

Innovative sleep monitor and alerts
A good night's sleep is at least as important as sufficient exercise and a balanced diet. That is why the FitPro™ She-Fit Smartwatchis also equipped with an innovative sleep monitor to analyze the quality of your sleep. Based on that, you can modify certain, possibly bad, habits to improve your health and general well-being. Wake up pleasantly and gently in the morning thanks to the vibrating alarm clock of this indispensable wearable!

Remote photos function
Great memories are there to cherish, but it's even more fun to have a photo of them too. The FitPro™ She-Fit Smartwatch is equipped with a special remote selfie function to take the most beautiful pictures. Place your smartphone somewhere, pose and smile, and take a photo with the touch of your watch! Handy, right?

IP67 waterproof
The elegant FitPro™ She-Fit Smartwatch has a hermetic design and is, therefore, IP67 waterproof and dust resistant. This clock is resistant to wind and weather! You can easily wash your hands, shower or exercise with them during a rainy day. (Caution: Avoid contact with hot water to avoid vapor formation behind the screen).


Material: zinc alloy
Strap: quality steel/leather
Strap width: 12 mm
Water-resistant: ip68 waterproof
Screen: 1.09 inch HD
Battery: 120-180mAh
Battery life: 3 – 5 days run time / 10 – 15 days standby
Bluetooth: 4.0.
Compatible with Android 4.4. and iOS 8.0. and higher.