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FitTouch™ V2 Smartwatch

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The smartwatches you've seen so far are outdated. A new era has now dawned in which watches are more reliable, smarter and more comprehensive! A watch with all the new technological functions is of course not cheap. But what if you could get all these new features in a great watch, but for a fraction of the price?

Then you should definitely check out our advanced smartwatch – water-resistant, equipped with an extensive amount of training modes, a battery that lasts almost two weeks, 15 days on standby and all kinds of overviews that help you improve your performance.

The smartwatch that offers everything: Date & time, email, missed calls, blood pressure measurement, heart rate, calorie consumption, it has it all! The watch can easily and quickly synchronize with, for example, your mobile (smart) phone and even keeps an eye on things when you are sleeping!

The FitTouch™ V2 Smartwatch is very popular among top athletes and you can also see celebrities running with it. You may have seen someone wear it on television without realizing it, but now you know it could very well have been this watch. The same watch that is now within reach for you too! With a crystal-clear OLED screen of almost two inches, you will certainly look good.

The watch has an ergonomic design, and because you can adjust it to your wrist, it is always comfortable and can be adjusted to your wrist. The window is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass and the dial is made of high-quality metal.

The activity tracker can be used to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, which is of course great for hypertensive patients. By recording your efforts throughout the day, you get information about the number of steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and more. That information will help you adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

The FitTouch™ V2 Smartwatch is ready for use with all kinds of sports, such as running, cycling, and climbing. You just need to wear the watch and it will automatically check your heart rate and blood pressure, and send this information to the app.

By connecting your smartphone to this watch via Bluetooth, you will receive real-time notifications about incoming messages and calls. (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.). You will no longer miss important calls or messages while running or cycling! The languages ​​supported by the App are Dutch, German, French and English.

Note: This product contains traces of nickel and may be unsuitable for people with a nickel allergy.