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FitTouch Sport Smartwatch: Blush Case with Blush Strap V.2020

The FitTouch Sport is the perfect addition to your active lifestyle. From your daily needs to your workout, the FitTouch Sport has you covered. The FitTouch Sport is equipped with a countdown clock, activity minute counter, and hygiene assistant to ensure you never miss a beat. Plus, it features a workout mode and a multi-sport mode to ensure that it will keep up with you during any activity you choose to dominate. The iTouch Sport is designed to always have your health in mind as it continuously monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day and alerts you if it's elevated. It also monitors your body-temperature, suggests breathing exercises, and reminds you to hydrate throughout the day. Its full touch screen input coupled with its vibrant animated color scheme makes using this smartwatch a breeze. Not to mention, its round case provides a sleek, yet unique style that is reminiscent of a traditional watch. And, thanks to the extended battery life and power-saving mode, a low battery will never slow you down!